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Mark of Quality Ltd. have got you covered with cost-effective and stylish PVC Fences options in Auckland.

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Fencing Styles

Mark of Quality Ltd. stocks a variety of colours and styles to help you find the right fence for you. Our different styles vary between traditional looking fences to unique styles fences.

Colour Options

Cinnamon Walnut
White Fencing
As white is associated with timeless elegance, the white colour choice tends to be the most popular choice for our customers. White PVC Fence Panels often have cool undertones, contributing to a fresh and cool-toned ambience. This makes them suitable for a range of outdoor settings and complements various colour schemes.
Grey Fencing
This medium grey colour features a neutral tone that is neither too light nor too dark, providing a harmonious balance in its appearance. The grey PVC Fence Panels have neutral undertones, avoiding an overt cool or warm bias. This makes it adaptable and suitable for various design styles.
Woodgrain Fencing
Woodgrain was our first natural PVC Fence colour option and involves the cooler brown and neutral undertones, designed to emulate the natural beauty of wood while providing the modern benefits of PVC. The overall effect of these coloured PVC Fence Panels is to give a timeless and classic aesthetic, offering the charm of traditional wood fencing without the need for regular maintenance.
Cinnamon Walnut Fencing
Our newest colour in the woodgrain range includes the warm earthy colours that you would typically see in dark maple wood. This blend of deep browns, reddish undertones, and subtle black accents of PVC Fence Panels create a realistic wood grain effect. This particular colour choice gives the wood-like appearance whilst making it a low-maintenance PVC fencing solution
Combined Fencing
The chosen colours are carefully selected to create a harmonious blend of different coloured PVC Fence Panels. The combination is designed to work together cohesively, providing an aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance. The fence is divided into sections or panels, each displaying a different colour or combination of colours.

Benefits of PVC Fences

For our best quality you have chosen us

Product Excellence: Strive for continuous innovation and improvement in PVC Fences in New Zealand, ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards for durability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability.

Customer Satisfaction: Create long-lasting relationships with our customers by constantly delivering outstanding service, timely installations and reliable after-sales support.

Sustainability: Implement environmentally responsible practices throughout our operations, from sourcing materials to manufacturing processes, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices in the industry.

At Mark of Quality Ltd, PVC Fences in New Zealand. Our mission is to provide high-quality PVC fencing solutions to enhance long-lasting beauty, security and sustainability to your property. We are determined to deliver exceptional products, top notch customer service and contribute to the overall wellbeing of communities all around New Zealand.

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