We are dedicated to providing our customers with a high quality product at a competitive price. Our PVC fences are durable, and made strong to withstand hot and cold weather conditions. PVC Fences have become the number one choice over timber or metal due to its longevity, low maintenance and looks. It allows you to personalise your outdoor space whether it may be for home, park, school, pool or farm. The options are endless.
Our PVC Fences are free from traditional maintenances. You will not need to spend another summer scraping, and repainting your fence unlike other materials. From the day your install your MOQ PVC Fence you won’t have to worry about traditional upkeep. However, if you are required to do a little cleaning then all you need is a non-abrasive cleaning liquid and water to wash off any spots.
For our 15 year warranty it covers any discolouration, rotting, peeling, chipping, and cracking. If any alterations have been done to the original PVC fence (e.g. been painted), this voids the warranty.