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PVC Fencing Installers in Auckland

For an additional cost, our professional PVC fence installers in Auckland can expertly install your new MOQ PVC fence. Nevertheless, the installation process is user-friendly and well-suited for a skilled handyman. The locally manufactured PVC fencing materials are constructed from lightweight materials which are interconnected by a clip-together system. This user-friendly installation method is designed for simplicity, aiming to mitigate overall project expenses for clients adhering to a stringent budget.

For clients seeking assurance in stability, durability, and proper installation technique, we provide PVC fence installations in the Auckland area to execute the installation professionally. In cases where our installation services do not extend to your region, we will make every effort to recommend a suitable alternative for your convenience.

Installation Guide

Would you prefer to be the handyman yourself instead? Follow our step by step installation guide of perfectly installing your own PVC fence.

Step 1

Use a string to mark the position of the fence to be installed according to the spot situation. Then confirm and mark the exact position of the start post (with aluminium insert) along with the string.

Step 2

Dig the hole for the post with roughly 800mm x 250mm x 250mm, then put one post into the hole and fill the hole and inside post with concrete to make sure the post straight and level.

Step 3

Insert the bottom rail into the post and mark the next hole for the next post. Then put the next post into the hole to make sure the post is straight and level. Fill the hole with concrete.

Step 4

Repeat installation with each successive post.
Assemble the C-section, T&G panel and the Top rail. (middle rail, lattice or picket if necessary).
When all the fence is installed, put on the post caps.

Installation Guide

Need a little more help with your PVC Fence Installations in Auckland. Refer to the video below of our team putting our PVC Fences together.

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